Bengali Brides

I googled quite a bit to search for pictures of bengali brides but all i found was assorted pics of Aishwarya Rai in ‘Chokher Bali’, Bipasha Basu in ‘Shob Charitra Kalpanik’ and some other professional modeling pics of models in garish bengali bride attire for those specific community matrimonial sites. So here we present some real bengali brides in the traditional bengali bride attire.

Young brides these days want to follow latest bridal trends but i really don’t understand the concept of ‘latest’ in bridal trends because in bridal attire what has to be latest? I feel if one is marrying in a traditional way why not be a traditional bride rather than blindly following fusion trends.

Beauty of the bengali brides are such that if done tastefully in the exact traditional way, trust me they can look like  goddesses. Well i don’t want to be discriminative here so i would rephrase, if any bride dons her traditional bridal attire (not those fusion looks or blindly following latest trends) as per her culture she would look beautiful. :)

Check out these pictures of these original brides:

Courtesy: The bridal make up of all the above brides has been done by MITHU SANTRA, Contact at . She provides bridal make up facilities only in Delhi.

4 thoughts on “Bengali Brides”

    1. Hello Shampa Das…My name is Mithu. I am a makeup artist and hair stylist. i do all kinds of brides, but being a bengali, bengali brides r my forte. i have a salon and spa in Rishikesh named Ritual. i m based in Delhi. i charge around 10k for bridal make up.

  1. Hi Mithu,
    It would be great if you could let me know the details of your boutique location in delhi and how much exactly do you charge for a complete bridal make up including hairdo and maybe some of the bride’s relatives?

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